Shayna+Meagan | Texas Wedding | Vinson Images

My cousin and her beautiful wife said their vows on a hot summer day last year and it was filled with family, laughter, joyous tears and two beautiful brides.  Every detail was designed by the brides themselves, and put together with love from all those that care about them.

As if their beautiful day wasn’t enough love, the following day this sweet couple chose to donate their flowers to a local hospital.  The tears and sweet thank yous they received were overwhelming.  So thankful to be apart of this experience with them.  Congratulations Shayna & Meagan!






Let’s get real….

As I try and finish a blog from a May wedding, I look back that my previous post was from months ago (gasp).  And maybe that’s surprising, but it isn’t really surprising to me.  I have a confession…..I really don’t like to blog.  I spend most of my time working with clients, loving on our clients, trying to remember anniversaries, sending maybe a gift here and there, and my favorite, taking photos of you fine people!  I LOVE to spend time with you, I unfortunately, don’t love to blog as much.  On top of this, I’ve been off with an unexpected surgery that knocked me down for a couple of months, traveling to Canada for a photography convention, and trying to rescue animals (like always).  So of course, my time hasn’t been as dedicated to blogging as it should be!

However, 2017 is around the corner and it’s new year, new goals, new me….one of those goals it to insure your blogs are posted quickly so all our followers can gush over how gorgeous & sweet our fine couples are!

Stay tuned…. blogs to follow!  🙂

2015 Favorite Personal Moments | Vinson Images

2015 – WHEW, what a year!  So you’ve already viewed our favorite wedding photos, but now we want to finish off our 2015 review with our most memorable moments.  It was a journey full of several ups and downs, but we did not allow the punches to keep us down & out of the match.  These aren’t in any order….just some best moments from this year!

  1. Accomplishments! 
    We started off the year by winning 3rd out of 1,393 photos in the Shoot & Share photo competition!  Several other of our photos made it to Top 100 to Top 10%, but this one place 3rd!  🙂
    Cristina + Brian | Kansas Wedding | Vinson Images
    Throughout the year, we had several wedding blogs ask to publish our work and of course that makes me a little giddy!  From Arkansas Bride to the Knot, but here are just a few of the published articles!
    Borrowed & Blue–> Jennelle & Ian
    The Wedding Concierge–> Jeff & Breah –> Michael & Whitney
    And to end the year, we received “2015 Very Best Wedding Photographer” by Celebrate Magazine!  I can’t even explain how excited we were to receive this!  Such an honor to be nominated, let alone voted for by all you!  Very grateful for this award and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.

2. Newest Addition.
Adding Ollie to our life has been a …..challenge, but a blessing too!  The joy and love she brings is overwhelming… She actually made me a more organized person.. there are no books, shoes, socks, or basically anything that she could tear up lying around anymore.  🙂

By the way, she isn’t so little anymore…

3. Mexico Adventures.
vinson-images-641Our trip to Mexico with too many fun people!  We traveled there to shoot a good friend’s wedding and met so many great people along the way!  The experience and break came at a very stressful moment and it was exactly what was needed.  Mexico Adventures
Ashley & Johnny’s Mexico Wedding

4. Being Transparent – Personal Project
Stepping outside of my comfort zone and releasing a project that not only took alot of sweat and tears from me but from several others.  This was something I put off doing for MONTHS, but finally mustered up the courage to release it!  Thankful to all the women who shared their story.   You Will Not Be Forgotten
5. Belize Adventures.
We probably haven’t talked about it enough, right?  🙂  Our Belize adventures were life changing.  The experience of giving back the way we did has affected not only my outlook on the life & what I take for granted, but also the outlook on the people in my life.  We were able to travel with 9 other incredible people and I wouldn’t exchange those moments at all. Want more from our trip: Little Chickens, Big Difference

6. Importance of Family.
In the past few months we have had some major, major scares with a couple of family members.  I am overjoyed with the love and care we received from those around and thankful to say they are both healthy and working their way to be fully healed.  I fully believe THE POWER OF PRAYER is amazing.  During the entire experience, it just re-iterated the importance of our family and friends and how thankful we are for each one of you.

7. 5-Years.
I talk about being transparent, but generally leave Jason and my relationship out of it, for the most part.  Ya’ll, marriage is not easy, running a business with your spouse is not easy.  It takes work, dedication, poor decisions, good decisions, and change.  The past 5 years has been full of ups, downs, inbetweens, big hurdles, and small bumps in the road, and who knows what tomorrow will bring!  As we hit the 5-year mark and I couldn’t ask for a more loyal and persistent person than Jason. Thank you for always being by my side along this ridiculous roller coaster.

8. Marrying off our best friends.
Our last wedding for 2015 consisted of marrying off two of our favorite people.  WHAT A WAY TO END THE YEAR!  Not only were we apart of the wedding, but we also shot the wedding and couldn’t have asked for a better bride & groom to work with!  Their wedding is a must see, visit their big day on our blog–>  Maddie & Ryan Wedding
Vinson Images-JV2_3359

9. Taking our 2015 Goals Down.  🙂 
At the beginning of 2015, we set some goals for ourselves.  We normally do this, but keep them private because who wants to throw goals out there and maybe not make it happen.  We wanted to be real, and real is you don’t always accomplish your goals.  You set the bar high and work your bootay off to make it happen.  We still have some work to do, but feel we were able to kick our 2015 goals to the curb!  Want to see how we started off 2015? Visit our blog from 10 months ago –> 2015 & Beyond | Vinson Images

10. Photography Growth.
As we continue to shoot more engagements, weddings, families, our style has molded our photography talent continues to grow.  We love to see the change in our techniques and style.  To put it bluntly, we’ve upped our game.  We’ve taken the challenges that have occurred and rocked them, just took a little blood (really), sweat and tears to make it happen!  🙂  Here’s an example from our first wedding to our most recent.

Thanks for being apart of our journey with us, and we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!

Giving Back | Vinson Images | Arkansas Photography

Some days and months are tough but there is always someone that is going through something more stressful or more painful or more fill in the blank.  When a tough time strikes me, I try to ask myself, “How can I help someone else overcome what they need to overcome?”  And giving back where we can is exactly how to do this!  Vinson Images sets aside a financial amount as well as minimum of time to give back; whether it be in the community or seeking ways to serve while traveling. Today, I’m changing up the blog and throwing out an opportunity for you to give back as well.  In addition, if you give to this opportunity, we give back to you with a small gift just as a token of thanks for being so awesome and giving!

Opportunity:  Last month, a wedding client (as well as friends) were involved in a fatal car wreck.  Fortunately, they did survive but it has been a painful and stressful time for them as they continue down this long road of mending and healing.  I encourage you to read their story and if you feel pulled to give, then go for it!  Or if you feel pulled to pray for them, I know they’d be overly thankful for such a blessing.

Brent & Erica’s Story:

Want more ideas on how to give back?  –> Giving Back Ideas

Also, last year’s trip to Belize and some things we were able to do while there –> Little Chicken, Big Difference



TOP 100! | Vinson Images

Well, I never thought I’d be writing a blog about being in the Top 100 but life is full of surprises and changes on a daily basis.  Over the past 5 years, Jason & myself built a business based on the concept of using our creativity to provide beautiful images, but also different, unique and dark images that no one else has hanging on their wall.  It’s been a process and some trial and error, but we’ve each done our best to reach that goal.

Last week, Jason was named one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US & Canada.  Um, say what???  We both were shocked and so grateful!  Jason being recognized as a top photographer, let alone in the Top 100 is something he’s dreamed about and strives for daily, but we never thought it would come this quickly.  To celebrate his recognition, I wanted to post some of his unique and different photos he’s captured over the years.

All thanks to our fantastic followers, and extra big thank you to our amazing clients.  You guys are probably the most awesome people in the world, no lie.  You’ve trusted us when we have taken you to cliffs overhanging interstates, let us set your rings on fire, trudged through mud and fields, and even held road flares during your session to get what we wanted and allowed us the opportunity to be as creative as we could be!  So a big thank you for simply trusting us!  🙂   And Congrats Jason for the honor!!  You deserve it!


Interesting in more photos from Jason –> @vinsonimages_jason
Want to find out what else is going on with Vinson Images –>  Facebook – Vinson Images

BRIDAL Preview | Vinson Images

When you have two gorgeous brides but they don’t want to see each other during their Bridal Sessions, but all you want as a photographer is a photo of them together.  Here is the compromise we did, without even telling them.  🙂  Jason created this double exposure photo for them to enjoy after they each walked down the aisle.

Vinson Images-311

If you’d like to see more from each of their Bridal Sessions, check out recent blogs:
Meagan – Bridal
Shayna – Bridal


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Jason+Mary | West Fork Engagement | Vinson Images

There are some couples you simply just click with.  And there are some couples that just click so well with each other.  We totally hit the jackpot with these two, because they dominate both aspects of this!  🙂  So thankful to have met Jason & Mary and be able to shoot their Engagement photos last month.

First, they took us to two locations, where the photo potential was endless and then they were willing to stay after hours and shoot some in the dark, which you know we love to do.

Vinson Images-CV1_0180

SWOON!  Right?  Looking forward to their wedding day!

Want more Arkansas Engagements –> 2015 Favorite Engagements
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NWA STYLIZED | Vinson Images | Springdale, AR

You can’t help but fall in love with  a stylized shoot where everything (hair, makeup, models, location) are all killing it.  Recently, I had the opportunity to be apart of a Stylized Shoot with other local photographers and fell in love with how everything fell together so beautifully!

Elizabeth was such a pleasure to work with, so sweet and up for whatever I had in mind! 🙂

Meet Brynne!  One of the 3 gorgeous brides that I didn’t get to shoot with for too long but was so easy to work with in the time we did spend together!

Meet Hilary!  What a sweetie she was and had such a classic feel to her!  All three models were over the top fantastic and can’t wait to work with them again!

Thank you to the wonderful vendors that dedicated their time and to the wonderful photographers that put the whole shoot together, and the oh so beautiful models!

Florist: Jules Designs
Wedding Venue: Fairlane Station
Coordinator & Wonderful Photog: Lissa Chandler
Models: Hilary, Brynne, & Elizabeth

Shoot & Share | Community Photographers | Vinson Images

If you’re a photographer and haven’t signed up for 2016 Shoot & Share Contest, stop what you’re doing and go enter in, right now.  Submissions are open until February 10, 2016 and it is such a fun contest with thousands of great photographers!  It’s where you get to be apart of a community and not just focus on the competition!

Last year was our first year to participate and I must admit it was a little intimidating submitting our photos for what I thought would be critique that I didn’t want to here, but instead such a great experience!  We submitted (I believe) 30 and several made it to the Top 20%, Top 10%, Top 100, and one even to 3rd place!  🙂  What an honor it was, and great experience to be apart of.

Here were a few chosen as favorites from 2015 contest….

And the two that you lovely followers voted for the most:


If you’re just starting out as a photographer or well known, this is such a great place to not only be involved but to be inspired.  Stand up to the challenge and inspire others!