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One of the main benefits of hiring a professional photographer is the ability they have to see an image before its taken. This especially comes into play when a location may have a less than desirable aesthetic.  And I’m not talking about all the photoshop magic, but creating the beauty in the camera!  Here’s a little before and after to see where we come up with some of our images!

An older hotel can be seen as a romantic getaway off into the sunset.

Using the intricate tree as a backdrop..

A window to make a killer silhouette or using that natural light as a tool!

A different view point & addition of a prism for a more intimate image.

When you think something is just in your way, think of a way to use it.

And always having a different perspective…

We don’t just see a room, but an opportunity for that shot.

Even within the shadows, we are using light to draw your attention to what we want you to see….

Two different point of views can bring in two different emotions…

What some may think are an eye sore, can be used for so much more!

And bringing out the light, even when it is hidden.

Some of these locations are stunning, but we wanted to just show you that it isn’t always about the location, but what we can make out of it!  Amazing images can come from a beautiful & a mediocre surrounding.

Wonder what goes on behind the scenes? –> Behind the Scenes

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