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Three years ago we were in Belize for two amazing people’s wedding day.  I can’t begin to explain how much fun we had while we were there and how great it was to meet such a great group of people!

While we were there, the group of people we went with dedicated their time to a local family and we are going back to do it all again!  We are headed back to Belize later this month for more adventures, but also to give back to the community and families in need.

Renee (the stunning bride in the above pictures) has coordinated another service project for us.  She has been working with two local non-profits and we will be participating in giving beans & rice away to families in need! For $20, we can give 20 lbs of rice and 10 lbs of beans to a family.  What an opportunity to give back where it’s needed.  If you want to be apart of this opportunity to give back, we are raising money to provide to more families! Anyone interested, feel free to email me: chasnien@gmail.com and I will give you the details on how you can donate for our project!


Of course, a big thank you to Renee & Morgan for organizing all of this and allowing us to be apart of such a great opportunity!

Want to be apart of our project and see more adventures from Belize – Follow us on instagram for updates:  @vinsonimages & @vinsonimages_jason



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