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As you all probably know, I’m kind of an animal whisperer.  Or so, I’d like to believe I am.  Animals, especially dogs seem to flock to me, which I’m perfectly fine with, as one of my biggest dreams is to own and run a rescue shelter some day, along with taking photos of you fine people!

Recently, we traveled to Belize and if you are not aware of the number of injured, sick, or homeless animals in the country, it is significantly high.  Mainly due to the local belief that dogs and cats don’t need to be spayed or neutered, causing a situation where there simply are more animals than can be cared for. Unfortunately.
Vinson Images-CV1_4368And of course, no matter where we went in Belize, there was a dog that found me, all of which were hungry, injured, or covered in mange.  Sadly, this is the norm there. Despite my many efforts to bring all of them back home with me, it simply wasn’t a realistic task for me to do.
Vinson Images-CV1_4453

This is Chloe (yes, I named her).  She found me on numerous occasions over the course of 2 days. She may have had a home, but she continuously wanted attention and well pretty overwhelmed with fleas. I was told not to pet the animals because of the mange, but I clearly didn’t listen all the time.

Vinson Images-CV1_4463

Although I wasn’t able to take these sweet pups home but due to the gracious donations for the Great Beans & Rice Giveaway, we were able to use the leftover donations and donate them to a local humane society.  While we were in Placencia, we visited the Placencia Humane Society, which happened to be having a spay/neuter day (the 3 pups were recovering from this in the below photo). They do absolutely phenomenal work; rescuing wild animals, spaying / neutering and doing their best to locate homes for them.

We were able to not only visit with the workers and volunteers but also see several animals being groomed, worked on or vaccinated, all while working with very little funds.  Thankfully to all of you amazing people that donated, we were able to give $1,020 Belize ($510 US) to Placencia Humane Society to assist with those financial burdens they were taking on themselves.  Incredibly thankful for great people like these that dedicate their time every day to giving back and caring in such an unique way.

If you’d like to be involved in their work, or visiting the area and want to volunteer, follow up on their website for more information: www.placenciahumanesociety.org 


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  1. Black Lamb Photography

    March 7th, 2016 at 8:21 am

    That’s really sad that they don’t spay or neuter their animals. That would be awesome if you could open up your own animal shelter. We need more caring people in this world. 🙂

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